Locations are auditBus - stops, determining the objects to be inspected geographically and hierarchically. Although named as "location" and mainly prepared to store address data, it could be any other object to be inspected by the checklist as well. 

By assignment of Checklists to location and auditor, the order to the auditor is placed.

Grouping of locations on different Layers with specific privileges local managers und leadauditors increase efficiency of work processes. Moreover, layers allow easy definition of subsets for processing and analysis.

You may select locations and grouped Layers from the menu-tree on the left. To open content of any layer just click it's name next to the folder icon, to enfold packed sites only, just click the folder icon itself. To select a location object, select the name. Data of the currently selected object is shown in the site header, above the desktop tabs. To edit location's information, you open the editor by a click on the header.



In order to add new location objects manually, you select the node, the new object should belong to and then select "add location here".

Definition of "Company Name" and "CompanyShortName" of the new object are mandatory. "CompanyShortName" is used for the terms, used on the menu tree on the left. Furthermore you may save the fully qualified address and any further informations that might be useful.


There are no predefined rules concerning the amount and hierarchy of location objects, following the structure of the represented Organisation.

Furthermore the structure once built on set up isn't final. It can be extended and rearranged any time by adding mew objects and move single objects or whole branches. Nodes and  branches are morst important for arrangement of user rights and subsets for evaluation.