Sync with android

Technical inspections and assessments require mobility and flexibility on site. Based on the location object one can't always presume a sufficient grid connection. Nevertheless, auditors need a guidance with reverence to the relevant issues and want to safely record their results.

auditBus client for android


auditBus offline im Galaxy S7


auditBus has its own interface, to synchronize workloads with users personal android device. Auditors may download current commissions and processing status to their smartphone or tablet. Once synchronized, auditors can work offline with the questionnaires and upload results when network connection becomes available next time.

Transmission of questionnaires is bound to the users account. After installation of the app, users are required to fill in their credentials. Assessments of the app's owner may be synchronized afterwards. Generally, the amount of assessments to be synchronized is not limited. But to ease staying on top of things, and exclude questionnaires not yet needed, there has to be a date been scheduled within reasonable period of time.

Synchronization is carried out in three steps:

  1. Upload client data to auditBus server
  2. Delete client data
  3. Download server processed data to client



Include evidence easily


Just like using the portal, auditors may add as many comments or evidence to each question as needed. Images are always informative proof of fulfilment. Using the integrated camera of smartphones and tablets to add such information at points of interest right into the checklist can simplify life a lot.



auditBus can be used without connectivity

Whenever auditors get connectivity again, they could easily record and save current processing state to auditBus. Beyond, the app keeps backups of the current state before synchronisation on the mobile device. When completion of an assessment, is detected by auditBus, step three of synchronisation won't be executed on this particular questionnaire. Finalisation of an assessment and creation of reports has to be carried out on the server.