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Calculate key indicators including not applicable questions



Almost ever, some questions are "not applicable", facing the specific nature of a situation. In this situation, people often treat not applicable questions like conformities in order to preserve weighting with regard to the total points or just out of ignorance. We don't believe this is the best way to deal with not applicable questions.

Quality of any product, process or service has to be assessed taking its complexity into account, which is reflected by the  amount of questions dedicated to it. If multiple processes are checked with one questionnaire, processes not taking place should rather be completely removed, than rewarded as if fully successful. Otherwise, worst case some site not providing any service would be rated better than sites with a wide range of services and having just one or two errors.

auditBus therefore works with dynamical Scoring. For each assessment auditBus calculates the maximum points, based on the number of questions effectively applied.