Workshop test

The next visit of some representative customer gets covertly accompanied. You want to:

  • check provided service against brand prerequisites and market's standards.
  • measure fullfillments of service standards.

Objective criteria usually is covered with standard products like minor or major inspektion, or seasonal checks. These services are mostly based on clear specifications. Service-standards are usually defined in contract between brand and garages as well.

Deviations from performance specifications or other brand standards lead to deduction of points up to exclusion from brand. Significant deviations measured in all over result give important hints where action may be required.


Event safety

Auditing safety at big events must demonstrate that all legal requirements as well as official requirements raised by the federation have been implemented:

  • Necessary organisational preconditions have been created, roles and responsibilities have been defined and positions are filled during events.
  • Official permits and required approvals can be shown.
  • Technical and personal equipment is available and in good condition.
  • Cooperation between different units is efficient and communication guaranteed.

Comprehensive view of all aspects includes documentary checks, interviews and on site inspections. During the event taking place, this can be completed only by teams.

Optimization of safety during football matches is a continuous process, to be accompanied on the long run, by action plans and monitoring implementation for example.


HACCP - Food hygiene

Checks of total compliance with hygiene specifications and cleanliness in Coffee- / Snackshops spread across all Europe.

  • Inspection of personal hygiene and gowning instructions.
  • Monitoring temperatures of refrigerators, warm and cold meals.
  • Documentation of microbiological analysis.

Samples of criteria, matching locally offered products and services must be selectable from the auditplan. Total from maximum of all selected items will be a hundred percent result.

The Sample is audited on site, together with local staff members. Detected deviations have to be communicated to employees and documented on site.